We Can Make a Difference

"Yes! We've made progress, however the Struggle Continues"

We harness the power of community.
We’ve witnessed the power of communities to effect their own change. We partner with organizations committed to, and passionate about, the people they serve. It’s a powerful thing. We fight stigma with compassion.

Stigma is the engine that powers poverty and discrimination. Working closely with our partners, we find creative ways to make the bridge from social isolation and vulnerability to inclusion and strength.
We include people living in poverty, as part of the solution.

Whether it’s policy-making, program development or the implementation of care, we actively include those living in poverty, understanding their critical contributions to our collective success. We give people the hope of a future.

The trajectory of poverty and discrimination is closely linked to apathy. Many of our programs offer skills building and vocational training to empower young people, women and families, and in turn, their communities.

The flexible and innovative nature of our programs allows us to develop and test models of care that challenge what’s possible. In each community where we work, we share our models and healthcare organizations to impact as many lives as possible.

As we see it, it’s our job to force the conversation, to keep the issue in the public domain. Through our campaigns, our events, our advocacy, we work to ensure the needs of people living in poverty are not forgotten.

Dick Gregory Foundation  501(c) 3 Public Charity

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